LiveArt X Card

X Card Features

X Card holders can enjoy a wide range of exclusive benefits


Accelerated $ART token rewards to spend on new premium NFTs


One-on-one consultations with world renowned art advisors

Exclusive Whitelists

1 allowlist spot per month for historic first-ever drops from world renowned artists


Access to IRL and digital art events curated by LiveArt

Exclusive Membership

Dedicated X Card holders hub featuring leaderboard

Art Market Insights

Reports, articles and analytics curated by our team of art market experts


Vote on artists chosen for LiveArt projects + provide input on changes to the platform itself


Exclusive access to expert insights and analysis from LiveArt’s in-house art specialists hailing from Sotheby's and Christie’s

Leading artists

Gain access to digital art collections by blue chip and
emerging artists working in the digital space


Discount breakdown

Holder type$ART in your membershipDiscount against membershipPrice
Level 615000.6 ETH2 free
Level 57000.3 ETH1 free
Level 46000.25 ETH0.05
Level 35000.21 ETH0.09
Level 24000.17 ETH0.13
Level 13000.12 ETH0.18

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